First Aid Training

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first aid training course

First aid training courses

If you want to be trained in first aid, then Obs Medics is the right choice for you. We provide first aid training courses to individuals and businesses. At our event medics company, we seek to spread awareness about first aid as much as possible.

So if you are looking to train your employees in first aid give us a call today! 

locations we serve include:

  • Milton Keynes
  • Oxford
  • Luton
  • London
  • Reading
  • Bedford
  • Northampton
  • Cambridge
  • Stratford-upon-Avon
For more information, give our expert first aiders a call today.
first aid training
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Contact Obs Medics on 0800 772 3063 to receive top-quality first aid training in and around Milton Keynes. 
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